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14th August, 2018

PC / Mac


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BoxedIn! was my entry for LudumDare42, a 48 hour gamejam held online in August 2018. I made this game solo and originally intended to make this game couch coop, however didn't have the time to implement this. However I am currently adding couch and online multiplayer as well as additional functionality to BoxedIn!


LudumDare42 was my first LudumDare and my 5th gamejam overall. I first started making games in 2013 but didn't publish a game until 2016, for my first ever gamejam.


  • Pick up and deliver boxes in the fastest time possible.
  • Beautiful smooth jazz soundtrack.
  • Three levels, each increasing in difficulty.


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Post Mortem
A Post Mortem about the game was released after and you can read it at patreon.com.

About JEPDraper

JEPDraper is the brand name for Joel E.P. Draper, a game developer and video game journalist based in London's East End. Joel is a programmer with some experience in C++, C# and GML.

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BoxedIn! Credits

Joel Draper
Game Developer, Joel Draper

Kevin MacLeod
Music, Incompetech

Connor Rhone
Conveyor Belt Shader, Synert

Additional credits
available in game

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks