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    At the request of a friend, I am making a roguelite in GMS (GameMaker Studio). This is a pretty large project that involves real time combat in a randomly generated maze, with increasing levels of loot and difficulty until the player reaches and defeats the final boss, but respawning with nothing if they die before then.

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  • Casual Mobile Game

    In the summer of 2015, just before I started my University course, I started work on a mobile casual endless runner.
    Although the project was 90% finished, I never got it to a releasable state, and in the end it took a back seat to my University studies. However through my learning since then, I am working on it from scratch as a side project from my University Work and the Roguelite.

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  • BoxedIn! (Ludum Dare 42)

    BoxedIn! was my entry for Ludum Dare 42, a 72 hour online gamejam. In BoxedIn! you play as a postal worker, processing deliveries that come to your station and placing them on the right conveyor belt.

    A post mortem can be found here.

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  • Duty of Care (GGJ 2018)

    Duty of Care was my entry for Global Game Jam 2018. I was on my own this time, and made a game where you have to look after your baby while defending your country simultaneously.
    A lot of people liked the game for its comical nature and found the two tasks at once added to the challenge of the game.

    A post mortem can be found here

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  • BuzzyBee (Weekly Game Jam - Week 14)

    BuzzyBee was a game I made for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 14 on I feel this game went better than my previous two projects, but there is still room to be desired.

    A post mortem can be found here

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  • Tree of Life (Jamingtons 3.0)

    Tree of Life was a gamejam game I made for a jam on, an online games marketplace. Although this wasn't great, I feel it was better than my GGJ entry and I feel the project could have gone worse.

    A post mortem can be found here

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  • Hammer SDK/Source Engine

    I have some experience in the Source Engine, both via the inbuilt Portal 2 editor and Source Engines SDK, known as Hammer.
    I have a published Portal 2 level made using the games inbuilt editor, and am currently making a map for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valve's main first person shooter, as well as a gamemode for DoTA 2, an RTS/MoBA game based off the Warcraft 3 Mod.
    To see published works or when I publish new projects, click the button below, or the image to the left.

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  • Cocos Collection

    As part of my University coursework involved the Cocos2D framework, I decided to upload these onto (an online games marketplace) both as a porfolio piece (it can be obtained for free and includes source code), as well as a fundraiser for the art for my larger projects.
    The two games in the Cocos Collection are Minesweeper, a classic game in which you must find a certain amount of mines in a grid, and a sliding puzzle game in which you must correctly rearrange a scrambled image.

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  • Vita Vuota (GGJ 2016)

    During January 2016, my main University Campus hosted a Game Jam that was part of Global Game Jam 2016.
    This involved making a game with the theme "Ritual" in a weekend. Although I personally feel the project was a disaster, it was a good learning experience and shows what can be achieved in 48 hours.
    I also learnt a lot about teamwork and how failure is a part of game development, as well as the boundary of my own working limits.

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  • Undead Alliance

    My first game development experience involved working on a RPG/First person shooter. The game was intended to be made in Unity and was my first attempt at making a game.
    Through this I learnt basic programming, and a lot about success/failure, marketing and criticial reception.
    The game had a kickstarter that we pulled for fear of commitment, and was on the front page of a main DayZ forum for a week where we discussed the game and learnt a lot about developer/customer relations.

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Full academic work can be found here