Student Game Developer

Video Game Journalist

I am currently a student at the University of West England (UWE). I have been making various prototypes for the past 5 years in my spare time, with varying degress of quality.

On my projects page you can find many of my previous prototypes I have worked on, most of them unfinished or in a state where I feel it's not in my best interest to publish them, as well as what I am currently working on.

Feel free contact me via my twitter below, my blog above, or the contact page.


As part of my degree, I have been required to learn CPP, the industry standard programming language.
CPP is one of my favourite languages due to its flexibility and power, which is also the main reason it's used quite a lot in the gaming industry.
I have made various console games in CPP including Minesweeper and a treasure hunt game, and have some minor experience with the Cocos2D Framework.

Games Journalism

As well as game development I have some experience in journalism. I have produced a radio podcast for a Community Radio station called East London Radio and have written articles for an online blog named Defunct Games.
On top of this, I have also written articles for a political magazine called Carbolic that was run from my Sixth form.

Additional Skills/Experience:

I have some minor experience in C# and the Unity Game Engine, having made various unreleased prototypes in that game engine over the past 4 years.
I am also learning Spanish, after having volunteered in Central America a few years ago, with an extreme interest in Costa Rican and Nicaraguan culture.
Education wise, I completed a BTEC at Sixth Form Level on Software Development which involved planning and developing software in C, Pascal and .Net, and am currently undertaking a Games Technology BSc at the University of West England (UWE).
On top of doing volunteer charity work in Central America for 10 weeks, I have also had work experience at Curry's (an electronics retailer), and at a local gymnastics gym, which involved assisting the Japanese Olympic Committee.

Additional information about previous work and volunteer experience I've had can be found on my LinkedIn page.